The Big OE



Since the 1950's the UK, in particular London, has been one of the most popular destinations for Kiwis to undertake "the big OE". Obviously Covid made this much more challenging but since Covid the UK has again become an attractive location to gain valuable overseas experience due to the high number of job opportunities and the scale of the UK's domestic and international market. Following recent changes Kiwis between the ages of 18 and 35 are able to work in the UK for 3 years by applying for a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

The BNZBA launched its Young Professionals Initiative (the "YPI") in August 2018 to provide a platform for young professionals interested in the NZ/UK relationship to engage with and shape the future of that relationship. It is aimed at business professionals in New Zealand up to 35 years old and initially is focused on the Auckland and surrounding area. Membership is open to employees of all BNZBA corporate members and to individual members of the BNZBA. A particular focus of this group is assisting those Kiwis who are looking to do their OE in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more about the YPI and future events then email us here.

Digital content of Interest

April 2022 - Interview with Clint Heine founder of Kiwis in London on jobs, accommodation, travel and the benefits of a UK OE - here

May 2022 - Interview with Rebecca Coleman, Senior Legal Counsel at Engine, on her OE experience in the UK as a lawyer - here

May 2022 - Interview with David von Dadelszen of Jameson Legal on the opportunities for Kiwi lawyers in the UK - here

May 2022 - Interview with returned Kiwi Anna Stark on the benefits of her overseas experience - here

Kiwi organisations in the UK