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At St Cuthbert’s we know girls – we’ve been educating and growing amazing young women for over a century now and our heritage and values are renowned. So are our academic results, but here excellence isn’t just a grade, it’s about encouraging every girl to achieve her personal best. By choosing St Cuthbert’s you are giving your daughter an advantage she will carry through life.

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St Cuthbert’s is 107 years old, with a powerful legacy of excellence in all areas of girls’ education. Our alumnae past and present are confident, resilient, and compassionate leaders, and as we look to build on that legacy, our vision is to Make Girls Amazing. Launched in August 2019, the statement Making Girls Amazing captures our focus on delivering the very best, well-rounded education, to grow the next generation of women leaders and change makers. Making Girls Amazing is the commitment we make to our parents and our students. It is about teaching for the future, reflecting our approach to support every student to be happy and to fulfil her potential. At the heart of Making Girls Amazing is our dedicated team of teachers and staff, who develop every dimension of our students, preparing them for the futures they choose, unlocking their dreams, and providing them every opportunity to discover what makes them amazing.