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Southern Pastures LP is an institutional investor dairy farming fund. Southern Pastures utilises grass-fed, free-range, GMO and hormone-free, animal welfare and sustainability based farming systems. The Southern Pastures Group includes NZ Grass-Fed LP and the famous Lewis Road Creamery

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Southern Pastures’ mission is to deliver premium health giving dairy products with due regard to animal welfare and long-term environment and climate sustainability whilst providing a net benefit to local communities and rewarding career paths to its people in ever-changing environments. Our vision is to excite and delight food lovers globally with “values” farmed produce holding true provenance.

New Zealand Grass is one of the behind-the-scenes quiet achievers of the Southern Pastures group generally flying below the publicity radar, it sells wholesale products to some of the largest retail and foodservice customers across the world. The range of products cover Butter, Cheeses, Proteins and Collagen and include independently audited and traceable to Southern Pastures’ farms 10 Star Certified Values product range to dairy products from regular New Zealand milk contract manufactured by our partners. Unlike other manufacturers and processors, who generally buy their milk from other parties, Southern Pastures is first and foremost a farming group. This provides New Zealand Grass a unique ability to offer solutions, traceability, and provenance that simply no other significant B2B business out of New Zealand can.  

Lewis Road Creamery, New Zealand’s premier sweetheart dairy brand, is Southern Pastures’ consumer arm.  It has been associated with Southern Pastures since 2017 and under full ownership from 2020. Lewis Road Creamery burst into New Zealand public consciousness in 2014 with the launch of its chocolate milk with its long-term partner Whitaker’s Chocolate – to say that this was wildly popular would be an understatement. It created mayhem in supermarkets, snaking queues, need for security guards in some stores and even a black-market due to its unforeseen demand.  While the Lewis Road Chocolate milk is a wonderfully indulgent product, Lewis Road Creamery’s mission is to also deliver wholesome dairy as nature intended and this is reflected in the white milks and butters. The Lewis Road Creamery white milk range offers three choices to discerning consumers: Organic, A2 Protein, and Jersey. All the white milks are minimally processed and permeate free, they are all also GMO and PKE/palm product free. Lewis Road Creamery offers a range of butters.  A premium range made of a blend of specially selected New Zealand butters made using the Amix process. An ultra-premium 10 Star Certified Values range made using the traditional Frtiz Churn process from cream from Southern Pastures’ own farms. This offers an independently audited and traceable pasture-to-plate artisan product that is exported to USA, Australia, and Singapore – a butter that we humbly consider to be the best in the world.