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For over 30 years here at JMI Wealth we’ve been quietly helping to grow our clients’ wealth with investment portfolios that stand the test of time and unequalled service.

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JMI Wealth is an investment advisory business that have been helping grow our clients' wealth over 30 years.
Managing client portfolios through a variety of investment environments and events including the 1987 share market crash, the dot-com bubble and the Global Financial Crisis, shows we have developed a proven track record of delivering on client investment objectives over the longer term.
Throughout this time, JMI has developed bespoke investment solutions to successfully meet the objectives of a diverse client base. JMI manages in excess of $2.5 billion of funds on behalf of a diverse range of clients, including institutional and corporate clients, iwi, community trusts, and high net worth families and individuals.  We also assist clients with UK Pension fund transfers.
As one of North Shore's largest investment advisory businesses, owned by it's staff, we are focused on understanding our clients and building investment portfolio that will stand the time of time.