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Eightwire is an innovative software solution that learns from data systems and manages the transformation, security, and audit steps needed to share data at a fraction of the cost. It automates the thousands of steps needed to deliver data between enterprises.

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Exchanging data between technology systems is always a challenge. Often, companies rely on difficult to use integration tools, hacked together processes, and a constant risk of leaking personal information. Eightwire was built with one thing in mind: fast, flexible and safe data exchange. It is an innovative mix of learning algorithms powered by secure cloud infrastructure to allow any data system in the world to work with any other system as if they are on the same network and platform. Eightwire's product powers national scale analytics and collaboration programmes for central governments, insurers, financial services and health care providers. We are running the New Zealand Government Social Investment Data Exchange and have delivered transformative projects for the largest insurer in Australia and the UK Government.